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Thermal Night Vision for the Professional Mariner
Chances are good that your boat's only earning its keep when you're on the water. How
much more time would your boat spend on the water if darkness and poor visibility didn't
matter? Work more safely and efficiently with thermal night vision. FLIR's thermal night
vision cameras give you the power to operate more safely than ever before around the
clock, because it lets you see clearly in total darkness, find people in the water faster, and
operate more safely than ever. See more, see farther, and operate more efficiently than
ever with thermal night vision from FLIR.

We are now an authorized dealer of FLIR Maritime products. Please contact us for
additional information on FLIR Maritime products. We are also pleased to announce that
the M-series FLIR units are controllable through our line of SIM VUE touchscreen
monitoring systems. This saves dash space and gives remote access abilities!!

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